Want to save some money without sacrificing quality? Get some other quotes or do your own research on a job or project and then make us an offer. We are phasing out estimates in 2016 and instead giving the price controls back to the customer. And best of all, you can get uncompromised workmanship without financing the overhead dollars that many other companies choose to spend.

An Ounce of Prevention

Many house repairs that we are asked to fix could easily have been prevented if a little extra time and attention was given to the original installation. Sadly, all too many builders take short cuts, skip steps, or incorrectly install many of the things that we are asked to look at and correct. Frequently, the needed repairs could have been avoided if only someone would have initially taken a few extra moments to think about, ask, research, or use the recommended materials needed for proper installation.

Special offers

If a company offers coupons and special prices, I usually think they are charging too much to begin with. I often get fliers and post cards with so-called home improvement deals with a reduced price or special discount. Some will even try to convince people that they will avoid costly repairs in the future just by using the service. Sounds to me like they are trying to drum up business and, in my opinion, charging more than necessary to do so.

What does a Handyman do?

People are often surprised to learn all of the services we provide. I believe a good handyman should have a wide range of skills and experience and, most importantly, do things right. Nobody knows everything, but the more things handymen can do well means less time you have to spend worrying about the things they can't do.